Month: May 2018

What is Your Passion?

What is it that motivates you?  For me it is helping others continually learn so that they can make a positive impact in other people’s lives.  This is my greatest joy in teaching students.  To see their growth and how they become individuals that have a passion for assisting others.  I love to watch them grow in all aspects of their lives.  Passion is what keeps you motivated when the times get tough.  Teaching is not all rainbows and sprinkled cupcakes, it is hard work.  Passionate teachers worry about their students all the time.  They worry if they reached every student with a lesson.  They worry if the plans for this week will meet the needs of their students next week.  Passionate teachers also inspire students to be their best.  To work harder then they ever have before.  To reach goal and set new ones to strive for.  But where does a teacher get their passion?  For me, it came in those quiet moments working one on one with a student till they could teach me the concept.  Those moments when my students stopped to help someone else in the classroom that needed assistance.  Seeing the faces of success when my students achieved more then they thought they could.  In the letters and words I receive from my past students about how they loved being in my class.  When the times get rough and tough, this is what keeps me going.  The love for helping others in whatever capacity that I can.  Assisting students on their educational journeys and hearing “You made a difference.”  That fuels my passion!  What fuels your passion?

Building Relationships

Building relationships with your students is so important for their success throughout the school year, and your success as well.  The impact you as an educator can make on a student by building a relationship with them in immeasurable.  I am reminded of this every time I run into one of my former students.  Just today I saw one of my former students that is a sophomore at the university I currently work at.  She came over and had to have a hug when I walked up, and another one before she left.  Believe it or not, I taught her when she was in fourth grade.  Building a relationship with this student has lasted past the regular school year and into her adulthood.  She did not know it, but she made my day!  I hope seeing me made her’s too.  I have been invited to special occasions for former students, out for a meal, and even high school graduation.  Yes it took time and effort to build those relationships with all of my students, but it was so worth it.  I had less discipline problems in the classroom.  I started the year learning all of their names and called them by name as much as I could.  This helped me learn their names, but it also let them know that they mattered to me.  Once I had their names down, I moved on to learn interesting facts about each student.  What did they like to do outside of school?  Did they play sports or have other activities outside of school?  I would have individual and small group conversations about these topics.  Because I was interested in my students beyond the classroom walls, they knew that I cared about them.  Building those relationships was to cornerstone of my teaching success, and still is.  Take time each day to let students know you care about them beyond the school.  It will make them feel special and they will never forget how you made them feel.  I still love every student that I have taught like they were my own kids.  They continue to inspire me to take the time to built new relationships to grow my school family.

Same Look, Different Feel

I am reinventing my blog and my website.  The goal is to create a learning environment that educators can use in their classrooms to inspire students to become lifelong learners.  I will be updating more often than I have in the past, and will be looking for other passionate educators to give their input as well.  I will also be on the lookout for guest bloggers to share their teaching experience and how they inspire their students.  Inspiring fellow educators to inspire their students is my new focus.  I hope to bring innovative ideas and resources to the forefront of education.  If you would like to share your ideas, or become a guest blogger, please reach out to me through my website, blog, Twitter, or Facebook.  Until the next time, I bit you exciting experiences in your classrooms.