Month: March 2015

How Do We Eliminate the Us Versus Them Mentality Between Stakeholders in Education?

I was asked to be a guest on #EdChat Radio with Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair after a Twitter chat about this topic.  I was interested in this topic as soon as it came across my feed.  Being passionate about giving students a voice in their education, I was drawn into the conversation.  Empowering all stakeholders united for one common goal is something that I have was a very timely topic.  We should all be working to better education for our children.  Not creating one high stakes assessment over another to beat them down and have them loose heart over their education.  We need to be a united front to form education into the model that we want for our children, and grandchildren.  Removing the us vs. them mentality from administration, teachers, students, and parents will empower us to focus on the true issues in education.  We need to be really with each other, admit when we make mistakes, and allow partnerships to form so that our voices can be heard loud and clear.  With the age of high stakes testing that we live in today, I believe that this abuse of assessments continues to drive a wedge between all of us.  Students need to be the focus of education, not money, testing, or playing the blame game.