Month: January 2015

Welcome 2015!

I am very excited and optimistic about 2015!  I am hoping that I will begin to take steps to improve myself in every aspect of my life.  Taking baby steps, learning to crawl well before I try to run, will be the challenge for me.  If I can teach myself to slow down and smell the fruits of my labors, I feel I will grow more in and out of education.  My last new year’s post, I set some goals for me to strive for in the upcoming year.  Some were accomplished, and many were put off.  One of the most important ones for me was to blog at least once a week.  I fell very short of this goal, however, I will set this goal for myself again with every intention of reaching it.  To many times I catch myself looking for what is next instead of focusing on the hear and now. My new goal for 2015 will be to slow down life and be attentive to what is here and now.  I will still be attending conferences, Ed Camps, and doing consulting work; I just want to take the time to enjoy what I am doing right then rather then looking for what is next.  I do not feel I have been the best educational pirate that I can be in the past year.  I have had to take a step back and re-anchor my feet in the educational soil.  I am firmly planted and ready to put on my pirate gear for 2015.  Gear that involves taking chances, teaching with passion, creating an experience instead of a lesson. My ship will sail through the troubled waters that come with being an educator.  I will search for the treasure that come from helping students reach their full potential.  That they can reach their dreams if they are willing to put in the hard work to reach their goals.  Welcome 2015, I welcome the challenges that you will bring this year!  Arrgh!