Month: March 2014

Ed Camp Awesome

Ed Camp Awesome was my 8th Ed Camp to attend, and one of my favorites.  There was so much excitement built before Ed Camp Awesome began, and it certainly lived up to the hype.  From breakfast provided by Chilosos, to t-shirts being thrown from a balcony, to great prizes provided by sponsors, the day was full of fun and learning.  The organizers kept the excitement building throughout the day by offering prizes via the school’s intercom system.  They also continued selfie with Stuart from the TCEA 2014 Conference.  I was very excited to reconnect with some of my Twitter/Ed Camp friends as well as meeting new friends to add to my PLN. I did host a session on Aurasma at this Ed Camp.  We had a great time of sharing and collaborating with each other.  It had been a while since I had attended an Ed Camp, this one what the best one I could have attended.  There was no time to put my tip toes in the water, they went right for the high dive board!