Learning to Teach

Learning to teach is something that we must all continue to do.  It is not enough just to teach, but to learn in order to teach.  If we have stopped learning, we are allowing ourselves to become ineffective teachers.  Many people label us as teachers, those that teach others. But shouldn’t that label first be, we are learners.  How can we teach what we have not learned ourselves?  To remain effective in this time of high stakes testing, teachers must be willing to become learners first, to keep themselves marketable.  If you continue to learn more about your profession you can become the change you want to see in it.  I have begun to redefine my role in education as a learner first.  I must be willing to learn from every opportunity that comes my way.  Everyday has multiple opportunities to learn about your environment, those around you, and most importantly, yourself.  If we begin to look for those opportunities to learn, we can become more connected to our students.  We can begin to learn with our students instead of directing the teaching ourselves.  Learning is an interactive process that allows everyone to engage in the process.  Teaching is one perspective that is being voiced to the masses.  There is a time and place for direct teaching, do not misunderstand me.  But the learning does not occur during the teaching, it occurs afterwards. Students must have time to practice what has been taught for true learning to happen.  If we begin to look at everyday as a time that we can learn and grow, we as educators will inspire our students to do the same.  As I stated before, I am redefining myself in education.  I am a learner first.  I teach because I learn, not the other way around.

Make a difference in someone else’s life, it will impact them and you!


  1. I agree teaching is important. Having a lifelong learner mindset is critical, too. My main think lately, in terms of professional development as an educator, is to open up to other ways of knowing and doing. In the adult education space where I spend most of my time learning experiences can get pretty formulaic. By interacting with and learning from educators that serve students in the K-12 space I’ve been able to increase the suite of solutions and strategies I can draw from. I think that we’re all a collection of experiences and perspectives. We need to share our stories with one another to really grow as teachers and learners. And modelers too. If we model (learning) they will, too. Cool post.

  2. This SO reminds me of Denise Krebs’ desk she had painted. She put on it “Chief Learner.” I agree wholeheartedly with you that we need to continue learning. It makes me sad when people at my school do not want to spend a Saturday at an EdCamp nearby, or don’t want to see a presenter when we have one coming to our district. But… I will continue to model, such as everyone I have met on Twitter! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping US become continual learners!

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