Month: July 2013

EdCamp Ft. Worth

WOW! Let me just start with that!  This was my second EdCamp and I can officially say that my mind was blown on Saturday! Since EdCamp Waller, I have been anticipating attending my next EdCamp.  The excitement has grown each day, and my excitement met a room full of equally excited educators at every session I attended.  I have a tendency to stay to myself and quiet in large groups or with people I do not know very well.  I do not want others to think I am a “know it all, that doesn’t really know anything.”  I love helping others individually to find their own success, I just do not want to seem overly pushy.  I can say, I am embracing assisting others & not keeping to myself.

I attended four great sessions on Saturday, but wished I could have attended every session that was available.  I am currently reading Teach Like A Pirate so I had to attend that session first.  The open dialogue that Misty facilitated was awesome. I assisted some of the other educators sitting with me to understand some of the discussion that was taking place closer to the front.  Misty shared some history about Dave Burgess with us & answered questions that others had about her passion for this style of teaching.  She explained that it is not a fad, it is a philosophy about teaching our students.  We have to change our mindset about always doing what we are told, & do what is best for our students.  After this session, I finally was able to meet my #SCItlap shipmate face to face.  One of the highlights of my day for sure!

I then moved on to the Blogging session with Rafranz.  I had just met Rafranz Saturday morning, so I was excited to learn from her.  What I did not realize is that Rafranz wanted to learn as much from us, as we wanted to learn from her.  I created several blogs, but have not used them as much as I would have liked.  Rafranz changed that for me! She empowered me to speak freely and let my voice be heard by all.  I struggled with knowing what to blog about.  She told us to keep a book with us at all times for blogging ideas and inspiration. I will now be an active blogger with the knowledge my friend, Rafranz, shared with me.  My goal this year is to blog at least 3 times a week!

All I need to say next is Augmented Reality!  If you missed this session, you missed a mind blowing experience.  Ninja Todd & Ninja Stacey demonstrated how to use Aurasma to engage our students by giving them something out of the ordinary to explore.  By creating & using auras, what was a simple picture, comes to life with animation.  The learning potential is endless for our students when we use the great technological tools to help them explore items that we can not see with the naked eye.  My mind is still trying to recover from being blown again during this session.

The final session was with students from Fayetteville ISD sharing how they use Chromebooks at their school.  It was awesome to reverse roles with the students & allow them to become the teachers while we were the students.  They handled themselves very well in a room full of educators asking questions about the Chrome platform.  They inspired me to always be willing to move between the teacher and student roles, & to allow for a seamless transition between the two.

There is still so much more I could share about EdCamp Ft. Worth.  From meeting new people, connecting with others that I have talked to on Twitter, to the conversation about #txidea chat session with Matt & Jon.  I am officially addicted to EdCamps!