Month: April 2013

EdCamp Waller

My head is still spinning from the excitement and knowledge gained from Ed Camp Waller.  I was not sure what to expect, but I knew I was going with some great people.  I found myself learning how to enhance what I am currently doing, but also affirmed in my endeavors in my classroom.  Sometimes I feel alone in striving to have my student think for themselves, work independently & with a group, and become problem solvers.  I am misunderstood for the way I push my students to greatness.  Attending the Ed Camp in Waller on Saturday allowed me to feel the joy of teaching again with like minded individuals.  Every  session that I attended had something that I could bring into my classroom, and something in it that I already do in my classroom.

I love teaching, I hate the mucky muck that clogs up the teaching juices and gets in the way of educating our future.  My desire is to always stay fueled and ready to challenge my students and other teachers to look at education in a different light.  Learning is fluid, we all learn in different ways.  I like that at Ed Camp Waller, there were avenues for the experienced and inexperienced attendees.  I cannot wait for a chance to attend another Ed Camp!